BODY MINT SPORT Deodorant -Tablets 54ct- Natural Dietary Supplement for men and women.

BODY MINT SPORT Deodorant -Tablets 54ct- Natural Dietary Supplement for men and women.
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BODY MINT SPORT for men and women - 54ct Natural Dietary Supplement Tablets. ~1 Month supply.
Hawaii's unique Natural Breath and Body freshener. - Get close with confidence -
Body Mint's unique herbal formulation gives it the power to fight and alleviate everyday body odors from multiple sources,
like bad breath (halitosis), underarm odor, perspiration odor and foot odor - Smell Great, Day and Night.

Body Mint SPORTís Pro-Strength formula is designed to handle the toughest body, perspiration, breath and foot odors.
No matter what sport you play or how active you are, Body Mint SPORT will go the distance for you.
A base ingredient is chlorophyllin; a special derivative of chlorophyll.
In addition to not having any harsh chemicals, itís also packed with antioxidants making it the healthy solution to
deodorant protection for hardcore athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Each Body Mint SPORT tablet packs a solid 110mg of chlorophyllin to make sure you always smell your best.
Feel confident; regardless of the period, inning or quarter, Body Mint SPORT comes through during crunch time!
With growing health concerns and a bigger emphasis on a healthier style of living, Body Mint is at the forefront of offering a
healthy solution to deodorant protection to men and women around the world.

Recommended use: Swallow daily with liquid, one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night. For best results, take consistently.
Additional supplement facts: Body Mint does NOT contain herbs, chemicals, animal or dairy products, wheat, gluten,
corn or sugar, preservatives or colorings or mint. - Healthy Hygiene - Made in USA -