PANCAKE-WAFFLE MIX - Maui - Banana Macadamia - 10oz.

PANCAKE-WAFFLE MIX - Maui - Banana Macadamia - 10oz.
Code: FPM-B11
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10 oz. of Banana Macadamia Nut Pancake Waffle mix. Start your day with the steaming taste of ripe bananas and nutty macadamia! Ripe Hawaiian bananas and the flavor of nutty macadamias combine to create light and fluffy pancakes. Hawaii's old style plantation pancake mix. It's a secret recipe from the old mill. The combined rich flavors of Hawaiian Bananas and Macadamia nuts create a delicious breakfast treat. Light and fluffy, this easy-to-prepare mix creates pancakes or waffles that offer a tropical escape from boring breakfasts. Just add water!