COFFEE - HAWAIIAN ISLES 10% Kona -9 COMBI Pack-8oz each - Ground

COFFEE - HAWAIIAN ISLES 10% Kona -9 COMBI Pack-8oz each - Ground
Code: CCP-HI9
Price: $94.40
Shipping Weight: 6.50 pounds

HAWAIIAN ISLES 10% KONA COFFEE 9-COMBI PACK 8 oz each. All Purpose Grind. Here is how it works.
We could list any possible combination but it would be very confusing. Just add combination 9 pack to your basket, order and email your selection within 2 hours to: sales@SIPhawaii⋅com. We will confirm your choice by email.

Either 9 of the same or whatever combination you can think of. Blends only. Private Reserve, Signature Series, other brands and Decaf excluded.
There are 8 Coffees to choose from:
KONA CLASSIC: Medium roast. Suits most peoples taste.
KONA SUNRISE: Dark roasted. Bold taste, rich European style coffee.
VANILLA MACADAMIA NUT: Medium roast. A delicate combination of rich vanilla and Hawaii's own macadamia nut.
CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA: Medium roast made for the true chocolate lover!
MOCHA: Medium roast. An aromatic blend that is smooth, creamy with a malty cacao flavor.
CAPPUCCINO: Medium roast. Creamy, smooth for the ultimate sweet cappuccino experience.
IRISH CREME: Medium roast. The lively taste of Ireland. Smooth and creamy with a hint of chocolate.
HAZELNUT: Medium roast. Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee is highly aromatic with a strong nutty flavor.