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We proudly ship Hawaii's best products to nearly all countries.

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Shipping International:

• Please read our Terms and Conditions.
• We ship online orders to the following countries and ship internationally to the billing address only:

If your country is not listed then you can order by email and pay by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer).
Email us what you what like to order and we will reply with quotation and payment instructions.

AD Andorra FR France LU Luxemburg SM San Marino
AW Aruba DE Germany KP Korea (Democratic) SG Singapore
AU Australia GI Gibraltar KW Kuwait ES Spain
AT Austria GR Greece MY Malaysia SE Sweden
BH Bahamas GL Greenland MC Monaco CH Switzerland
BH Bahrain HK Hong Kong NL Netherlands TW Taiwan
BE Belgium IS Iceland AN Netherlands Antilles TH Thailand
CA Canada IE Ireland NZ New Zealand TT Tobago/Trinidad
CN China IT Italy NO Norway UK United Kingdom
DK Denmark JP Japan PH Philippines VA Vatican City
FI Finland LI Lichtenstein PT Portugal QA Qatar